Trading world files

When I first started, one if the most exciting feelings for me was finding those old ruins in the Black Forest or Mountain biomes and using them as a shelter, exploring them, wondering how they got there.

Im wondering if we can take it a step further and take our worlds we've played on, sanitize them a bit, and trade the world files somewhere. I'd love to start anew and find the ruins of an old half-standing castle that someone had built while out on a sailng adventure, or build my way up to the remains of a tower base in the plains that has seemingly been left vacant after a deathsquito attack.

It would take some effort so you don't stumble upon a fully operational base with lvl 6 crafting stations, and to make sure worlds are populated with more structures. For me, it would add another layer of immersion.

Curious how others feel about this idea and whether it would work.


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