Trophie usage idea: Hunt Abilities.

New Valheim update

So far i’m kinda disappointed thag trophies offer nearly nothing to the game to this point, so I got an idea to make them interesting.

Hunt abilities.

Combine several trophies to gain boosts throughout your playthrough.

New craftable: trophy box, a box that can only story trophies beyond its limit (so you could have 99 boar trophies in one slot)

Option to press ‘abilities’ tab in the box:
Use certain trophy combinations to get a buff for a duration of time.

5 drake trophies > have the ability to glide when pressing space after jumping for X hours.

2 golem trophies > press a key to become a stone in the nature and be neglected by almost every creature in the game (basically being able to afk in the map) to start this, you need to build up the stone for 10 seconds, which stops when taken damage ofcourse so you can’t just cheese out of situations.

5 Deathsquitos > 5% chance to get a critical x5 damage on your attack

And so on, this would make it usefull or fun to trophy hunt because this moment, there is noreason to even kill some creatures, you get nothing from a golem that you can use atm so atleast the trophy would give some


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