Unmarked dead bodies on Customs, not shown on the wiki!

Hello. I have found a couple unmarked lootable bodies on customs that are not registered on the map on the wiki. Resisting the temptation to keep this information to myself, i would like to know how to submit a request to update the map featured on the EFT wiki? This map has a lot of loot spawns marked, but not these two dead bodies. These bodies often spawn mid-tier loot (grade 4 helmets, armor, vests, Mp7s etc) and generally quite a bit more valuable stuff than anything you can find anywhere else outside the dorms of the map. (Though obviously sometimes they just spawn a soda or nothing at all, too.)

Hear me out before you bring out the "stupid noob don't try to lecture me on my game, this is common knowledge!!1" as someone that just completed their "beginner stage" in the game, this information could be very helpful for fellow beginners that are too scared or too weak to do anything but circle the outer edges of the map like i mostly do. These locations may be obvious to you and me who have explored the map extensively, but to someone just starting out and jumping at every gunshot fired on the other side of the map, this could be very helpful… Or potentially another source of danger, when it becomes well known.

These bodies are located in the following spots:

A little further out and to the left of the body on the tracks, near the invisible sniper

Inside this container next to trailer park, right behind big red

I hope this helps someone! And that i don't get killed while looting them due to sharing this information!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ldwmvs/unmarked_dead_bodies_on_customs_not_shown_on_the/

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