Update interactive map Among Us 1.1

Hello everyone!

This time I will tell you about the update of the interactive map Among Us 1.1! 

Link on map: Interactive map Among Us

And so, about the list of modifications:

– The main page of the interactive map in the style of the game has been added.

– Now on the main page you can select the map you are interested in. Maps such as "Polus" and "Mira HQ"were added.

– A return button to the previous map selection page has been added to the interface on each map.

For all suggestions or remarks, write in the comments or to the email that you will find on the site. 

And for those who did not read my previous post, I leave a link to it: last post

Thank you for your attention!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/lkh3x8/update_interactive_map_among_us_11/

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