Updated .12 patch guide

This is an Updated patch 0.12 guide and everything that the community has come up with and more info on the patch.


The .12 patch update and wipe


Here is what we know:

  • The .12 patch will include a wipe. Many therioze that it will be a soft wipe. Do Not Expect a soft wipe. With the huge size of this update, expect a Full Complete Hard wipe.

  • According to Nikitia the wipe is aimed for roughly 2 weeks from his post. "The only question and you know it – when? Let's say that we need 2 weeks approx from now. It could be more or it could be less but slightly. There will be pre-wipe events before it for sure."
    The community expected date is roughly is October 11th. This is NOT a hard set date.


  • There will be a pre-wipe event as stated above. What is known of the pre-wipe event is that it will be to test out a secured container change. They will be locking the container from being able to put items into it DURING the raid. They will not be taking the SC away. This will be affecting every single container. (Alpha, Beta, Eplison, Gamma, and Kappa container) You will still be able to use items from the container during the raid. This is a test. So please go test it when it is out. Happened. We are in the endgame now.

  • There will be a trailer. There is no information at the moment for when that will be released. This is the same with the prelim patch notes. I will be updating this post when each is released. Trailer linked below

  • Here is a post with a rough timeline explaining how wipes have happened in the past. This proccess could be changed or differ in what happens with this patch.

  • Here is the rest of the update posts from Nikitia if you wish to go back and read them. Update 1,
    Update 2,
    Update 3,
    Update 4,
    Final Update,
    Preliminary patchnotes for the 0.12 patch,
    Trailer for patch 0.12

  • There will be a podcast during the upload of the patch. And possibly be a live tech help broadcast when the servers go live again. Here is a link to their twitch.


Advice and Suggestions for IRL life at or near the wipe.

Warning! This section contains opinions and is NOT to be taken to heart. You can hear what I say if you wish. Source: Myself. Played since the .4 update and have roughly 2200 hours in this game.

  • DO NOT REQUEST TIME OFF FOR THE DAY OF THE WIPE We have 0 idea how well or not well this update could go. Aim for the day AFTER the wipe if you are able to. Expect delays, issues, bugs, and server instablitly to delay you getting on and having a good experience. To the new players, expect issues. BSG has been getting better (ish) at releasing smoother and better major patches. This is not an AAA dev studio. (Source: Personal Opinion, take with grain of salt.)

  • When the update is being released to the servers, but before you can download the patch, uninstall your game. Completely uninstall the game, the launcher, and make sure to clear your cache of any extra files. With how much is changing in the game, your game and your experience will be better by having a fresh install with no old files to potentially corrupt or bug out on you. (Source: IT Network student and intern at a decent sized manufacturing company.)

  • Get water ready and food. If you are addicted to this game (like most of us) You will be playing for HOURS and HOURS once you can log onto the servers. Also set up a timer or system to get yourself up and moving at least once an hour (recommended) or even once every other hour. This will help prevent alot of things. Frustration, tiredness, and medical issues too. Medical issues such as DEATH and other issues Also includes clots.

  • Do yourself a favor by taking a shower before hand and also put some deoderaint on. I have a feeling that you wont want to get off the game for hours on end.


Information that we know for content in the .12 patch.

This section has information on what will be in the content of the .12 patch. I will miss things. If there is something that I did miss, please post it in the comments. I'll keep updating this post as more is released/found. Ill be covering the main things in this list. But ill add links to user submitted posts/links.

  • Pictures! lots and lots of pictures

  • NEW MAP! The military base

  • 2 New Scav Bosses The Woods Boss Shturman and The Military Boss Glukhar

  • New guns! Known are the FN 5.7, P90, Ash-12, M9A3, Mounted Machine gun (probably a PKPKORD Utes), Mounted 40mm grenade launcher (KORD systemAGS). There could be more. Will update. Im too lazy to update them. We will have a mod for the glock that makes it more like an smg credit to u/gunther_41 Notice that the AK 308 will NOT be in patch 0.12!

  • New game mechanic, The Hideout. Basically an ingame representation of your stash. Many new things to do with and in the hideout.

  • A new medical kit that willl allow you to repair a blacked limb Unknown if how it is shown is how it will work in terms of speed or how much it heals it. (Personal opinion: Will repair blacked limb to roughly 1/2 hp and that is the new max hp until out of raid)

  • New Rigs, armors, and helmets. Not that much info yet about them.

  • Gun Build system. Basically presets for guns (and guns only as far as we know) that will buy the mods and such from the traders automatically as long as you have the funds and the trader rep to do so. Thanks u/Dunngeon1

  • Also some rigs will be modular (Avs and Blackrock known atm). AVS rig will now be a plate carrier. Has a durability.Ability to put in armor plates into rigs. Confirmed for 0.12

  • Quest reworks. Not much known about this.

  • .12 will come with an engine update. What this means is that BSG replaced the groundwork of the game to allow them to fix issues faster, easier, and (hopefully) break less things. It doesn't mean that this game will run with 0 stutters, no network lag, and can get 144hz all the time. It mainly makes it easier to work towards that goal. Also opens a few newer features of the updated engine too.

  • Texture streaming. This process reduces the amount of strain that the game puts on your RAM by a large amount (compared to old ways) and your overall system by a little bit.

  • New grass rendering. BSG claims that they went to a different way to render grass at up to 200m in game with less performance drops from rendering grass. Big if true.

Check out the trailer for video on the new grass!
  • 2 new anti-aliasing. I do not remember the names of them at the moment. Im still too lazy to get them. In patch notes

If i missed any major thing please let me know.


Tips, Tricks, Hints!

This section will contain all kinds of tips, tricks and hints to help out new and old players alike! Alot of it will be links to user posts.


I hope that you can learn something or get connected with this community more!


To new players! This game is BRUTAL. It has an almost vertical cliff learning curve to it. But it has some of the BEST firefights and combat out of any game out there right now. Stick with it. Find a discord group. Keep going at it. And above all else with this game, Knowledge matters. Take the time to learn the maps, the spawns, the extracts, call outs, how mods work with guns, explore. The wiki is the best for learning all the basics.


To the old players! Ah shit, here we go again!


And here is the Most secret of secrets about this coming patch!

Its to have fun!


See yall out there!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dm6trj/updated_12_patch_guide/

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