Updated 5 tips which give you an unfair advantage but are totally legit

— 1 ———-

Go into NVIDIA Control Panel, adjust desktop color settings and set the settings below for your main monitor which you play Tarkov on

  1. Brightness +72%
  2. Contrast +100%
  3. Gamma +2.80

This allows you to see clearly at night without night vision and in fact is better than night vision since you don't get the lowered FPS and weird glaring green images. That's not to mention the cost savings from not having to repeatedly purchase night vision gear

— 2 ———-

If you have a modern 144Hz monitor, you might have in-built gaming features on it and one of such feature is placing a crosshair in the middle of your monitor. This crosshair allows you to easily align your shots when hipfiring and extremely good when trying to hold a corner but doesn't want to deal with stamina issues and making sound. While this isn't entirely accurate, you will get used to it with enough practice. The only downside to this is how it might mess up your ADS sight since the circles do not overlap nicely

— 3 ———-

Certain in-game headphones especially the ComTacs and Sordin have built in sound compression features. This basically lowers the volume of loud noises (i.e Gunshots) while amplifying the volume of soft noises (i.e. Footsteps). However even so, many users find it hard to discern soft sounds without making their volume super loud and risking permanent hearing damage from loud gunshots

If you get an external audio compressor software for your PC, you can increase this compression further to the point where footsteps are just as loud as gunshots. You can then turn your volume up to hear all the softer sounds clearly and not have to worry about gunshots being too loud. That said, the process isn't exactly simple and it might take some time getting used to once you do set it up but it's well worth it

— 4 ———-

Due to ping compensation, there's what is known as a "peeker's advantage" where playing aggressively while on high ping results on the camper/waiting player hearing your audio slower than where you actually are. This means that you can peak corners and take advantage of a split second audio to get a head start on someone camping behind it not expecting you to reach there that fast

BSG fixed most of this issue by hard capping ping and making it such that players with over 150 ping gets automatically kicked out of the game. However, this also means that if you are playing somewhere between 100-150 ping, you still retain some advantage (albeit lesser) and it is totally legit. You can easily achieve this by picking a server from your client where it shows you the ping. Do note that this is a lot less impactful if you play slower and can't take advantage of the slight difference in your position and sound the other player hears

— 5 ———-

Speaking of picking servers, picking less populated servers will more often than not put you in lobbies with lesser players which make it a lot easier to loot. Coupled with tip #1, you can run night raids and avoid players altogether. Again, you can do this via the client itself and depending on your timezone, say the United States, you can easily gauge what time which region will be empty. Assuming it is night in the US (crowded)

  1. Europe will be past midnight
  2. Asia will be early in the morning

which means Asia will likely have the least players due to them going to work/school

— End ———-

Do note that all these are legitimate software/hardware features with either desktop or monitor tweaks that does not solely affect Tarkov. These are also not exploits nor cheats in the sense that neither BSG nor BattleEye can fault you directly for running/performing these. I'm also certain there are a lot of players who are either utilizing all of this if not some of them

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/it12tn/updated_5_tips_which_give_you_an_unfair_advantage/

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