Updated list of all “find in raid” quest items

List (sorted) for easy ctrl+f. I found it helpful when stating to avoid selling stuff I might need later.

30-mil. shells for BMP cannon x 10

5L propane tank x 2

Antique axe x 1

Antique teapots x 3

Antique vases x 2

Battered antique Book x 1

BlackRock chest rig x 2

Broken GPhone x 3

Can of sprats x 1

Cans of meat x 15

Capacitors x 5

Capacitors x 5

Car batteries x 4

Clin wipers x 2

Corrugated hose x 4

Deadlyslob's beard oil x 1

Fake mustache x 1

FireKlean gun lube x 1

Flash drives x 3

Fuel conditioner x 4

Golden 1GPhone x 1

Golden rooster x 1

Heat-exchange alkali surface washer x 2

Jar of DevilDog mayo x 1

Killa's helmet x 1

Kotton beanie x 1

Lower half-masks x 10

Malboro cigarettes x 7

Military battery x 1

Morphine injector x 4

Morphine syringes x 5

Old firesteel x 1

Ox bleach x 2

PC CPU x 3

Printed circuit board x 3

Rechargeable battery x 3

Respirator x 5

Shturman's key x 1

Silver Badge x 1

Spark plugs x 8

Strike cigarettes x 7

TerraGroup Labs access keycards x 3

The golden TT x 1

Wartech (TV-109, TV-106) x 2

WD-40 100ml x 1

Wilston cigarettes x 7

Wires x 5

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/fbkouj/updated_list_of_all_find_in_raid_quest_items/

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