Upgrading (And Maybe Degrading?) Domesticated Animals

Just throwing this out there…

I appreciate that hunting for 2 star boars/wolves is an adventure in and of itself but what if we could have items to increase the welfare of our furry friends (say, a hay stack, feeders, bowls, etc.) and maybe combine that with feeding them the best foods to get a small chance of either them or their offspring increasing their star rating?

If that seems like it would take away from the game, what if star rating wasn't permanent, but would be dependant on the current conditions you provide your stock/pets? So even the 2* animals that you find in the wild could deteriorate to 0* if not given proper conditions after domestication. Or make it so that an animal would only be able to upgrade/degrade by 1 star. Or (the most hardcore option) make them able to degrade to 0, but upgrade only up to the level they were before domestication.

I dunno, details would need to be ironed out and I'm not even sure how it would work for when your pets are roaming with you (long-term time-based bonus?), but I think I like the concept… What about you guys?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/nkw0mu/upgrading_and_maybe_degrading_domesticated_animals/

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