Use Barter Trades and Required Search for non-FIR items

Stop filtering to remove barter offers! Barter offers are a great tool to:

1) Receive more value for items that have lost their FIR status

2) Acquire your hideout items and mods locked behind trader levels you have not unlocked

The key is that FIR status only impacts what you can post on the Flea Market. You can use non-FIR items to fulfill barter requests.

Here are two examples of how I have been using this –

Example 1- I need 5 bolts for my hideout, they go for 24k. Another player had bolts in his pouch but died, so they are not FIR. He can no longer sell for 24k, can only sell to therapist for 750 rubles a pop. I put a GP coin i have found in raid on the market, it can sell to therapist for 27k. I ask for 5 bolts. That guy gives me his 5 bolts, because its a win win. I get my bolts 5 for the price of 1, he gets to sell his 5 non-FIR bolts for 22k more than he could to therapist.

Example 2 – I love the MP7, but the 20 round mags are painful to use. 30 round mags can be purchased from Mechanic LL3 for 6.4k each, but I would need to be player level 30 to access that. Players are selling them for 35k. To get around this, I post another single GP coin (guaranteed 27k value) in exchange for 3 30-round mags. A player with access to Mechanic LL3 can buy three mags (19k), and make my trade to guarantee an 8k return for no effort. I get my 3 mags for a fraction of the going price.

I have done the trades above, more than once. I also trade fuel conditioner for 3 hoses, basically upgrading my hideout for a fraction of the perceived cost. I have even started using the "Required Search" function for valuable items that have lost their FIR status. This will show me any available barters players have posted for those items. I would love to see this used more by the community, so please share!


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