Using 16gigs of ram? Do you have mixed SSD and HDD drives in your pc? Do you have poor performance? Maybe this can help.

I had swapped some drives in my computer a few months ago when I wasn't playing tarkov and didn't notice anything wrong until this new wipe (didn't play any games). After 2 weeks of insane stutters (zooming any magnified scope was a 1 second frame lock minimum). I tried to play on my 6 year old pc that could barely run tarkov. It had no stutters. Facepalm for 2 minutes thinking about playing almost 100 raids this wipe with a game that stutters, just thinking it was the new patch and my kinda shitty internet.

I have two SSDS and one 5200 RPM drive. Tarkov and windows are both on SSD…. Or so I thought.

First I found my ram at 80-90% usage and my 5200rpm drive at 100% for the entire time I am in a raid. I thought this was caused by tarkov making virtual memory on my harddrive. Google "virtual memory settings" and follow any guide to make sure your virtual memory is stored on your SSD. Mine was being stored on the 5200 RPM and making it work 100%. This was clearly a problem and fixing it should help anyone.

My game still stuttered more than a new play trying to pronounce "ophthalmoscope" and the 5200rpm drive was still at 100%. Turns out windows made a partition on my 5200 rpm drive for "system reserved" even though windows is clearly installed on a SSD. It is a bit of a process to move that partition to another drive. It is worth it so windows has nothing to do with that 5200rpm drive.

I am taking this spinning pile of crap out of my pc after this. I also bought 32 gigs of RAM thinking that would fix my problem. I will be keeping the RAM when it gets here.

I hope this helps someone with stutters.


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