Valheim Difficulties

TLDR: Create different difficulties and customization options to allow players to tailor their world/server to how they want to play.

I've seen a lot of discussions on xyz feature should/shouldn't be part of the game. While I have enjoyed my ~130 hours playing the "vanilla" game, I also recognize that it'd be nice to tailor things a bit. I wouldn't mind having a core world that I typically play on and another one that is more to mess around with and maybe not be so serious. As a way to appease both camps, I think a difficulty and customization system should be implemented to create a more tailored experience. It's important to note that if the below were to be implemented, it'd require clients to adopt the server settings. Below are some thoughts on what I think that could look like:

Odin (hardcore)

  • Same as Jarl only death is permanent

Jarl (hard)

  • Portals are disabled.

  • Enemies have 25% more health and deal 50% more damage.

  • Enemy spawn chance increased by 50% at night.

  • All structures take damage over time. Will be destroyed if not repaired.

  • Repairing inventory items have an associated material cost.

  • Corpses that aren't retrieved within a certain time disappear (whatever the corps run buff duration is).

Karl (normal)

  • (The features currently implemented in the game).

Thrall (easy)

  • You can teleport anything.

  • Enemies deal 25% less damage.

  • Food buffs have the same duration but don't decay over time.

  • Structures don't take damage (weather or enemy).

Creative (basically debug/god/ghost/no stam mode)

  • Terrain shaping tool!!!!!


  • What it sounds like. You can toggle on/off whatever feature you want


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