Valheim Feature Request: NPC Villagers

I’ve built a village but it’s starting to feel a little empty. I was hoping that we could befriend NPC villagers similar to how we tame wolves.

This shouldn’t be too hard to do as all the animations is already there.

They can spawn at one of the villages.

We can befriend them by dropping them food, or bribe them with coins/gems. Since you can’t fence a person in, there will need to be some sort of system to prevent them from despawning.
More stars mean stronger weapon and armour, increased likelihood to produce higher star children. Higher star villagers will be more aggressive and be harder to befriend.

Once befriended, you can get them to follow you. At your village, you will need to assign them a bed and personal chest (the one requiring iron). In the personal chest, you need to place cooked/edible food for them in the chest to complete their task. If there is no food for extended times, they will unfriend you and either despawn/walk away.

1. Talk
2. Defend the area like wolves. Higher star will have stronger stats. Alternatively, we could instead give them weapons/armors by leaving them in their personal chest. This would give end game players a reason to continue making weaker weapons/armor (not sure if this would make the game more laggy).
3. Follow you. To prevent this from being too OP, we can make them follow you for a certain period of time before heading back for food. To save on processing power, they can just teleport to their bed. For extra complexity, it takes time for them to appear at their bed depending on how far from their bed they were when they unfollow.
4. Reproduce with the opposite sex. This could be very slow to make it less OP.
5. If you leave enough coins/gems in their chest, you can romance them, giving you 1 extra comfort level for the Rested buff (presumably no restriction on male/female?).
6. Idling – they will walk around randomly and sit on chairs randomly within a certain radius.
7. Heal – like wolves, food will be needed for them to heal.

Is this too hard to implement? 😛 if it is too hard to implement, please just add villagers that idle at my place so it looks less empty hehe

What’s your thoughts and I’d love to hear more ideas. Love this game!!


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