Valheim is an amazing game, but is should be harder

Hey there.

I have just finished the available content. Built a giant both beautiful and functional base, with a boar and wolf farm, killed all bosses, visited the currently empty Mistlands, went to Ashlands, even mined and smelted Flametal.

Let me tell you right away: Valheim is an amazing game. I haven't had so much fun and good time for a very, very long time.

I also want to bow to the developers for this early access release. You guys absolutely nailed it. I will cite Valheim as an example of Early Access done right for a long, long time. The game was polished and enjoyable, from my experience it was entirely bug free, and it genuinely felt like A LOT of love and care were put into it. It only became visible that this was early access only when I reached the end of the content (before the last boss, when I was exploring the entire map to find Yagluth's location stone or its actual location).

I hope I made it clear by now how much I love this game, so now allow me to give my top 1 piece of criticism.

The game is way too easy, especially the bosses.

I was playing solo and duo at the same time, and during both runs, I haven't ever struggled. We killed all bosses first try, with the exception of Bonemass that we got on second try after deciding a strategy (AoE adds as soon as they pop, then focus boss). There should be some challenge with the bosses, there should be strategies to discover and apply. Bosses should not be beatable in "YOLO Brainless" mode as we did. Moder was a complete joke for example, I think we only got hit once and it spent most of the fight confused trying to face us.

The same thing applies for biomes, the only time we struggled was when entering the plains for the first time, then we understood that deathsquittos == parry then strike, and gobelins == parry going backwards, parry or dodge their attack then strike.

When we finally found the location stone of the last boss (after about 10 plains fully explored) I was really hoping that the final boss would be a challenge, especially after the boss beef up update… But no. We killed it first try as well. If I had known how the boss worked, I would have bashed the stone pillars before to prevent us from taking cover and make it harder.

I do not know if the bosses and mobs scale up depending on how many players engage them, but if they don't, they should. Also, it should feel like you're reaching an obsticle when reaching a boss that may make you think that you need to go get better gear for it. For example for Bonemass we hadn't the iron gear yet, we were still using bronze gear and we beat it anyway.

Overall the game is on a very, very good track, and with some little adjustments it could hit perfection.

Keep it up devs, you are doing a fantastic job!


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