Valheim PVP

Hey all, I have an idea I’m thinking of doing and would love to hear your thoughts. (I know you can cheat in this by bringing characters and stuff from another game but you would like to think it wouldn’t happen but it would. In good faith you would expect it wouldn’t tho)

I’ll create a world locally and place 4 teleports at initial
Spawn and then place the end on different parts of the map which are in the meadows.

I would then place the server online on google or similar. The 4 teams would load into the game and meet me and others at initial spawn.

We would be chatting on discord when they enter the world. We would randomly select a teleport for each team and they would enter the teleport, all team members, you can’t join after this point. The teleport would then be removed so they couldn’t get back to the spawn and play would commence.

Basically concur the world ideally. You build explore and meet other plays and take over each part… you either keep killing them, they give up and become part of your team or they destroy your bed and then you spawn at the Initial part and have to find your way back To the base.

Thoughts? Ideas? Who would be interested in playing?


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