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I'm proud to announce that the Twilight of the Gods RP server is now officially open and ready for more individuals. We've been carefully testing and tweaking various things with the server the past two weeks but it is finally ready. Below is a synopsis of the server and lore behind it:

Many years have passed since the first warrior arrived in Valheim. And many more have pissed since they were killed. Warrior after warrior has found their way into the feral land of Valheim and only a hardy, determined few have survived. These immortals built structures and towns.. forged alliances and even relationships. Love and hate bloomed as did every emotion and trait that humans possessed. But this was all under the watchful eye of Odin.

Originally Valheim was intended as a prison for some of Odin's most powerful foes. As he struck them down one by one, they were imprisoned in Valheim never to be seen again. But after a millenia of their banishment, their power began to increase and the bonds that shackled them, forged by Odin, began to weaken.

The first settlers in Valheim took this warning seriously and sought to strengthen themselves in battle with both the creatures of the land and one another. But in time they became complacent. Rather than war, they fed. Rather than become stronger, they became more wary. Time dulled the edge of their blades and all seemed well.. until Ragnarok.

Thor, the son of Odin, cast down a scroll to be read by all who arrived or lived in Valheim.

"You, the warriors of Valheim, have been sent here for a reason. My father, Odin, has come to believe each and every one of you has the power to bring stability to this tenth realm known as Valheim. It is a feral place full of trials and powerful enemies Odin himself has struck down but who are now becoming stronger once again. It is your duty to survive here and to thrive, to defeat the foes of Asgard and to prevail over all that Valheim has to throw at you. Know this: Ragnarok is upon us here in Asgard. The twilight of the Gods has begun and I cannot guarantee our intervention or assistance should you fail. This will be the first and this will be the last message I send to you for some time. Perhaps.. for good. May you strike your foes dead or may you die with honor. That choice is yours."

It was a warning. A warning that signaled the fall of the gods as well as the removal of protection that Odin gave to those who dwelled in Valheim. Now the foes of Odin grow even stronger and threaten to break free of their bonds. The warriors of Valheim must rally and sharpen their wits and their blades… or face certain death.

Now as is to be expected, there will still be some issues here and there but I'm working on ironing these out ASAP. To join, simply run over to or use our Discord at and talk with us directly. We look so forward to seeing many of you and cannot wait to roleplay together.


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