Visual Loot Guide

Greetings Fortnite Community!

I had put together a simple "Visual Loot Guide" while in-game for (mostly) new players. I remember starting Fortnite and being overwhelmed in-game (Not menus, that's a guide of its own) with being able to break and loot nearly everything. It sucks not knowing what to look for, and what it actually looks like. So, I figured I'd make a quick visual guide for players to see common materials and items that may not be so obvious for a newcomer.

If you've been playing since launch, or maybe even a week. There's a chance this will be completely useless to you. But my goal is to give new players some what of a starting chance. The map starts and people run to loot everything and you're stuck not knowing where to go or what to keep an eye out for.

I also included a bunch of random lootable objects that TONS of players just skip by, for whatever reason. This doesn't contain everything, but a good portion of information to help new players not feel so lost. If you been playing since launch and you learn something, cool. If not, hopefully you new guys will feel even a tiny bit more confident loading up a map after looking at this.

Visual Loot Guide


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