VSC Valheim – Clan Based PVP Server

Done everything in the base game and looking for some new form of endgame? Don't look any further! VSC Valheim ist currently the most popular PVP server in europe.

There are 5 clans which bases are distributed all over the map with the occasional epic battle taking place while exploring the world or by conquering bases of hostile clans.

What we offer:

-> Very active admins & community

-> Versatile events taking place 2x per week, with additional surprise events to claim epic loot.

-> Handcrafted PVP & PVE Quests

-> PVP domination tower system in the center of the world: Hold the tower for at least 1 hour to gain resources in order to win the upper hand against your enemies!

-> A traveling merchant who sells all kinds of equipment of all the early ages, which are scaled up to high tier equipment and buffed and balanced weapon types so an battleaxe can compete against sword & shield for example

-> An upcoming quest system which is taking place in self made dungeons distributed all around the world

-> Selected set of mods like epic loot, creature level and loot control and some more QOL mods

-> Server side characters & AntiCheat

-> Discord Shop with in game stuff

-> Support in EN and GER

————-> and much more <————

See for yourselves and join us if you want the ultimate experience you can virtually squeeze out of this masterpiece of a game!

PM me if you are interested to join our Discord!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/ng71ku/vsc_valheim_clan_based_pvp_server/

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