Want Experienced Feedback On Your Gameplay? Providing Honest Breakdowns Of Your Clips!

Since 0.12 I've noticed a number of folks posting here, elsewhere, and mentioning to met that they are having a hard time identifying how they got caught, why they died, or what trick their opponent pulled or simply what gave them away.

I've been playing a year and a half and while I only consider myself a decent Tarkov player I have a fair bit of experience tutoring others, breaking down lines of play, and discussing strats. All which I love to do.

To all of those of any skill levels – post a clip here of your gameplay (victory, loss, or a mixed bag) WITH AS MUCH OF THE FIGHT AS YOU CAN WITH A 2-3 MIN CAP. Don't give me 3 seconds of you dying with fuck all context and use as a spot to bitch with no desire to learn/teach.

To all others commenting – I love any and all HELPFUL breakdown or discussion of play. We're all here to learn and help others do the same. Please watch the entire clip in question AT LEAST once and offer multiple, insightful comments regarding both the player in subject and any others involved in the fight.

That said, I will personally flame any troll popping in here dropping any variation of "get gud" will null and a half to contribute as a comment.

Hopefully this will prove useful to a few folks and let's give respect to those with the courage to post their gameplay for group review 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/du5q2u/want_experienced_feedback_on_your_gameplay/

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