Wards & Hurricanes

Hi guys! This is my first post! I got some wild ideas for this wonderful game!

What do you think of adding..


Adding the possibility to craft ward structures, similar to the ones that the merchant has near his wagon. These structures have special crafting requirements and provide protection form monsters attacks, should be an endgame build and have some limitations, but full details are listed below:

– prevent monsters from crawling into your home, while you are happily tending to the crops.

– are endgame builds, so require very rare crafting materials. Like an expensive resource sold by the merchant, OR new loot from yet-to-be biomes, OR boss trophies, just for example. There could also be specialized wards for enemy type, or ward upgrades.

– has a range of effect much like the workbench, so you have to think about careful placement. Maybe you have to "connect" multiple wards in a circle to activate the protection effect, or something like that.

-could be that wards have to be "recharged" after some time to stay effective, with a sacrifice of resources.

And now about..

Hurricanes. ( and Earthquakes!)

Yes. Imagine being in the middle of the sea, and a warning pops up, like "the skies are rumbling".. Then you know for good that you have to turn your ship and run for land, to find some shelter!

If you get caught in an hurricane, your ship starts to take damage over time, the nearer the center, the more damage. There is also the possibility to be thrown off the ship, if you don't hold fast. If your ship breaks, or you are thrown off, well, probably you're better say your last prayers. If you are lucky enough to play with friends, they could organize a rescue mission -if they survived, that is. In this case you should try not to move and wait for salvation. Hoping that a serpent doesn't find you first.

On the "ground" side of the experience, the hurricane event causes low damage to all nearby structures that are not green, and can break structures with lower structural stability (red for example). So, run in the basement! Ideally by the time hurricanes start happening (maybe after you defeat a few bosses) you should have access to stone and/or iron beams.

The earthquake is rarer, and more catastrophic. Has a similar effect to hurricane, but causes extreme damage to all nearby structures and can break all orange-red blocks. The only thing you could do to protect yourself is actually .. maybe building an above mentioned ward? This event could also not be completely random, but be triggered only under specific conditions, for example only before you defeat the last bosses or when you kill n amount of furling shamans..

When you are caught in one of these natural catastrophes, you don't loose life over time. That is not to ruin the sea-rescue mechanic. But the movement becomes nearly impossible for the duration of the event and when you walk around you consume stamina, much like swimming: when all your stamina is depleted then you start to lose life and slowly approach your doom if you continue to move. Of course both the hurricane and the earthquake may trigger trees to falling, so beware forests ah ah (Odin watches in the shadows)!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n6yr92/wards_hurricanes/

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