WARNING: Random Scavs on the map are currently aggressively lazering people

To all those currently, and futuristically, looting and shooting up the barren wastes of the Norvinsk province. Random Scavs have been switched on Godmode.. I repeat.. random Scavs are aggressive, have the eyes of a thermal cyborg, year 40000, T1000 military Hawk. And are one tapping even Lvndmark who was currently then at Super Saiyan 9/wiped pretty much the entire map including a 4-squad.

Twice in dorms today, I encountered these futuristic evil demon things. Once I was looking out the south most, East room of the 3rd floor, enjoying the silent view of the landscape trying to find the rat that took the marked room/dorm roof loot. I saw the shadow running up the road before anything, and when he comes into view.. he’s already looking at me, and the second we lock eyes.. he shoots instantly and I got absolutely lazered.

The other was also ironically in the exact same spot, I snuck up the south steps to the 3rd floor; taking out 2 scavvy boys with a shotty in the halls and got busted up good in the process, but I was gonna bandage, heal, and hopefully limp back to extract.. and hopefully, ultimately survive..

Suddenly I hear the Russian ramblings of the psychopath coming to the room I was healing in/my earlier demise.. little did I know he was possessed by the Super Devil..

He comes round the corner, and instantly I head-eyes him with what I.’de consider one of the completely fastest kills I’ve ever achieved in video games in general, with an MP-153.. but from the 6 feet between him and the shotgun blast.. he squeezed out a round in the .00000000000007 seconds it took my buckshot to reach his cranium and in unison, we splattered each others brains across the Dorms.

It was the first time I’ve ever exchanged kills in the game, even if it was a Scav. So that’s actually pretty cool tbh.

Thank god it was just a pistol run/scav run.. for Lvndmark on the other hand… well, whatever.. dudes rich af GG.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jog9kv/warning_random_scavs_on_the_map_are_currently/

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