We Created A New Way To Play -Ross Kemp Gang Wars

Minimum 7 Players

Imposters: 2
Imposter Vision: X0.25

Crewmate Vision: X4

Kill Cool Down: 30 Seconds

Kill Distance: Short


The 2 imposters pick teams picking one person at a time

Team A travels to the right

Team B travels to the left

Once everyone is in position teams are spit into 2 discord channels so they can only talk to their team and game begins.

Team that eliminates the other first (minus their imposters) wins.

Imposters have a low vision so must reply on their other team members to pin-point locations of the other team and make sure not to kill their own team members.

  • No Reporting
  • No Need To Do Tasks
  • If all your team is dead and game not automatically ended, hit emergency button

If anyone can recommend any improvements to this let me know. We've had good fun playing it so far 🙂 Enjoy!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/n45nxl/we_created_a_new_way_to_play_ross_kemp_gang_wars/

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