We need more rare events in this game. Here are my ideas…

Right now all mobs are fairly common in all biomes and uniformly distributed. That's almost boring.

We should have rare encounters. Hear me out

1/20 of thunderstorm should have thunder birds attacks (with electric damage of course)
Take the drake ai : change the look : make it twice a big : add sparky sparky.

1/10 severe rainfall in the meadow, nek swarm and mama-nek that spit poison, they're tiny and easy kill, but annoying af.

1/20 heavy fog in the plains should have deathquito swarm (3 – 5 would be enough)

Fullings sending rampaging lox at our camp in the plains ?

Wolf moving in packs during full moon night In the mountains?

Why not rare encounter with a skunks that deal poison damage in the dark forest?

Make us hunt elusive albino deer! Let's say one in a hundred deer)

Crows attack in the dark forest? Their spawners should be nests all the way up in the pine tree. We must find it and destroy it with arrows to stop the attack

1/10 heavy rainfall in the swamps should triple the amount of leeches, making it actually hard to cross water.


To make it easier at the beginning of the game, those events could be triggered after some criteria are met (bosses, distance walked)

What are your ideas?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mhtlo5/we_need_more_rare_events_in_this_game_here_are_my/

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