Website to check barter profit (+per slot) and all quests/hideout modules for an item, plus filterable ammo chart –

Hey guys, I created site – a tool that merges data from, NoFoodAfterMidnights's sheet and a ton of Tarkov Wiki data into one. It lets you:

  • view all trader barter deals, quests, hideout modules and ammo types
  • filter/sort barter deals for an item by total and per-slot profitability (averaged if multiple input items)
  • filter ammo chart by ammo type(s)
  • filter barter trades by trader level(s)

The intention is basically that you can get a good overview of what can be done with an item and whether is makes sense, but it also is a site to easily check essential Tarkov info in one place. Just remember the price data may not be spot on, it's very hard to track outside of the game, so verify in EFT yourself to be sure.

It should be ok as an companion app with Tarkov as it's designed not to eat too much resources (tabs are destroyed when closed, barter items are limited to 20 by default) but let me know if there's any issues.

I really hope you will find it helpful, if you have any improvement ideas or other stuff, please contact me at [](

Please consider supporting creators that made creating this possible, mainly:

eft-loot.comsupport– NoFoodAfterMidnight – twitch– and of course the Official Escape from Tarkov Wiki


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  • Najman 02.02.2021 in 03:31

    Ludzie, przecież tu nikogo nie ma

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