What do do when you die


Step 1: Finish all of your tasks.

Step 2: Leave

Doing this makes it more fair for the impostor, since immediately leaving removes your tasks from the task bar, meaning that the moment the impostor kills somebody, they're at a disadvantage.


First of all, was your teammate a little jerk who ratted you out for no reason? (If they ratted you out to maintain cover, then don't do this)

Step 1: Stalk them

Step 2: Always close the doors of the room that they're in, trapping them inside as much as possible so that you can annoy them as revenge.

Now, what if they were a good teammate?

Step 1: Fly around the map

Step 2: Close doors of rooms with two people in them to raise suspicion

Step 3: If there are only 3 people left, your teammate and two others, take the opportunity to trap them all in a room so your teammate can have an easy win.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jv8s9r/what_do_do_when_you_die/

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