What I found out after 500 hours of solo gameplay. (Take this as a semi-reliable beguinner guide)

  1. Don't make excuses, dying is a big part of this game. When you die take it as a chance to think of what you did wrong and what you could improve.

  2. Money will come, use those scav runs if you need gear.

  3. Every time you go into a raid you need to have an objective and plan what you're going to do in that raid.

  4. If you have some attachments or parts you haven't used yet or don't want to use slap them on a gun next time you're going for a budget/mid to budget run: they will free up some space and let you make your gun a little bit better for 0 cost. Not all guns need to be meta.

  5. Loot EVERYTHING. Back when i started i didn't know what items were valuable, or I only knew of a few that were so i always went for the good ones and a lot of times left a raid with 2/3 of my backpack empty. Take everything you find and sell it, don't wait for the good loot to fall on your laps.

  6. Don't go for PvP unless A. You need it for a quest B. You want to have fun and have a disposable income or C. I'ts strictly necessary. You almost never know who you're going up against and it's better to not find out.

  7. There's always a friend, and then another, and then another, and another and then there's always that casual guy passing by. Don't run to loot a dead PMC or Scav. Corpses can't run, but PMCs and Scavs can definitely shoot.

  8. Be afraid of scavs, especially this patch: they WILL kill you if you don't pay attention and there's always a chance of them aimbotting and headshotting you before you can do anything.

  9. Always bring a nade or two. In certain situations they're vital and you're better off spending that extra 10k instead of losing all your gear.

  10. ALWAYS insure your stuff, i had slicks and meta guns coming back from insurance for god knows what reason.

  11. Don't move around too much, you're not the only one on the map. If you're on reserve and got a bad spawn there's a big chance someone already looted marked room before you can get there and there's an even bigger chance someone who is also trying to reach it will kill you.

  12. Don't go for scav bosses unless you're confident in your abilities. If you hear reshala while doing a budget run on customs RUN.

  13. Gear will come (x2), use it and don't keep it collecting dust in your stash.

  14. The hideout is your friend, use it.

  15. Always stick to the plan, don't get distracted and don't get too greedy, I've lost count of how many geared players with stacked inventories tried to kill me while getting out of KIBA.

  16. Do those quests, they will get you massive discounts on items and a rouble saved is a shek…rouble earned.

  17. Act like a scav on scav runs. Trust me it will work.

Feel free to add to this and expand on what i said. I wish I knew these things before i started playing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/hlofo6/what_i_found_out_after_500_hours_of_solo_gameplay/

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