What to buy off flea to sell to traders to get money spent up 2021

I want a list for all traders so it's easy for newer players like me to figure out. Couldn't really find a list.

Please tell us the sell value because that's what doesn't change





Peacekeeper: -Slim diary: sells for 282$=35K , SAS drive: sells for 365$=45K


Ragman: -Pestily mask: sells for 58K

Jaeger: -Antique Axe: sells for 56K


Also I was watching Pestily's stream yesterday and he said that it's stupid to have to spend money on traders to level them up after the flea market was added because you can just do tricks like this where you lose minimal amounts of money, I totally agree and hope that BSG will remove it and just make quest rep the only requirement.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/nqh5f0/what_to_buy_off_flea_to_sell_to_traders_to_get/

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