Go into the skeld freeplay as blue

Finish a short task and then press emergency button

Vote off the second bot. If they don't get voted off by the other bots, close and reopen the app to try again. Select 'leave game' before the ejection animation finishes but also after bot 2 goes offscreen

Create a the skeld 1 impostor max 10 players server

Before making it public, remove all hats, clothes and pets, also change your color to the same as who bot 2 was before getting ejected

Wait for 1 person to join

Leave the game before a third person joins

Go into a skeld 1 impostor public match. If your color is taken, retry the above steps

If you get impostor, retry the above steps

Hit emergency button and say "a2gFh" then get people to vote you off

Select 'leave game' before the ejection animation ends, but also after you go offscreen

Wait 10 minutes


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jtth3y/what/

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