With recent AK buffs, here’s my 101 build I encourage you to give a try as it offers some really insane value. You get the benefits of both worlds: the crazy performance of 5.56 and the incredible value of AK mods all for around 130k roubles with level 3/4 traders.

AK-101 Preset View

AK-101 Inspect View

I think this offers some incredible value right now, especially compared to a similarly performing m4. Yes, the m4 can be made better than this in every way, but at a ridiculously higher premium. I think this is great to run with T5 armor (and maybe the better T4's like trooper or tv-110) and really outshines other weapon builds at around this price.

70 Ergo / 50 Recoil is crazy responsive and very fullauto-able up to around 100m. The slower fire rate of the 101 means 50 recoil here is about as easy to keep on target as a ~42 recoil m4, which will probably run you over 2x the price of this build. This AK-101 build is <130k roubles (Trader levels 3/4) at trader prices without the optional ir/laser/flashlight.

Part Breakdown:

  • AK-101 – ~40k
  • Monstrum – 30k
  • VS-24 Combo Handguard – 20k
  • RRD muzzle break – 10k
  • Magful (FDE is cheaper) – 8k
  • SAW grip – 5k
  • Bastion – 5k
  • Recoil Pad – 3.5k
  • Zenit charge handle – 3k


  • Holosun IR – 18k (or flashlight/laser of preference… this is my go-to)

Some additional points/reasoning:

Yes, there are better stocks for ak, but the upgrade from just using the pad to the zenit pt3 is a 25k upgrade for 1 recoil and 4 ergo -> imo not worth it.

Saw grip is 5k vs the 10k for best in slot RK3 (+1 ergo). Tan rvg grip is amazing value and the next better upgrade to rk-1 is 10k for 1% recoil -> imo not worth.

If you have to run suppressed (I wouldnt recommend because RRD muzzle break is just so good), best bet is SF3P+RC2 suppressor for -13 ergo/+1recoil and 30k cost -> imo not great.

If you have mechanic level 4, you can trade 4 ergo for 1% recoil by getting the TROY handguard instead, but I think the ergo on the vs-24 is actually a better option here.

M855a1 is highly recommended for this build and I bring 2 spare mags and one ammo stack in secure container. For maximum value loadout, I recommend Zorund (110k new 80% comes back from ins..), tc-200X (40k or less on flea T4 helmet), m32 headset (20k), the armor glasses (8k), and whatever you have in stash for backpack+rig.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mnm1s5/with_recent_ak_buffs_heres_my_101_build_i/

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