Woods Loot Map Progress | Tarkov Professional

Hey everybody,

Tatsu from Tarkov Professional again. Wanted to share our progress on updating our Woods loot map.


  • We've expanded the map to include an outline of the new area.
  • The Emercom Camp by RUAF Checkpoint has been completed with containers and loose loot marked
  • All new extracts have been added/updated
  • Buried Barrel Cache by Northern UN Roadblock added
  • About 75% of the roads have been added
  • Started working on the village by Bridge Extract

We still have a lot to do. Our goal is to have all of the landmarks added in the next two-three days. We also have to fix an error we made in the outline – the distance from the mountains to the bridge is WAY too short. But, we update the maps daily so it will be fixed shortly.

Every location on our loot map is accompanied with a screenshot of that exact location along with a list of all the items that can spawn there. Hopefully some of you will find this information useful. Feel free to share any loot you find that's missing so we can add it to the map and make it better for everyone. Thanks all!


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kleoh2/woods_loot_map_progress_tarkov_professional/

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