Woods orientation tips

Been spamming the new Woods recently and am starting to get some good feels about the place!

Figured I’d share some of my learnings for you fellow rats.

  1. If you spawn facing a river with a bridge to your left you’re at sunken village (north of map)

  2. bridge to the right while facing water? Likely north of village.

  3. the large power lines traverse east / west and are great landmarks to figure out where you are at or trasversal. Especially in the dark.

  4. similarly small power lines connect sunken village all the way through the small village and outpost north of “north un blockade” easy bee line and lots of loot along that path.

  5. The trucks for Prapor’s quest has a technical box you can loot. Risky but the loot is worth it especially at night.

  6. There are 3 marked spots on this map. Check em if on the way! Sunken village and sniper scav’s bunker / bed are particularly safe from sniping angles.

  7. both villages have lots of technical/ ration / ammo spawns.

  8. check the map. Number of stashes within easy path on that loot line.

  9. sunken village church has 3 rare loot spawn points. Also serves as a cheeky snipe ambush point.

  10. Need to kill scavs? West of the sunken village at the bunker and crates usually can spawn 4-5

  11. Military loot is rare but can spawn in the buildings north of the north un roadblock

  12. It’s mega safe generally to traverse middle forest behind the mountain. Lots of cover / dense trees and can take a high road behind mountains

  13. Roughly 5 mins to go from usec camp to outskirts for extract

  14. There’s a trash bin on the road you can use as a landmark to easily find the southern USEC camp entrance.

  15. Emercom camp is lots of tight meds /rations loot but dangerous. More so than other spots that have easy escape / hidden from snipers.

  16. Night time is best time. It gets real dark so learn the landmarks at night and you’ll never get lost.

  17. If you hear a double tap sniper shot out in the distance that’s Shuterman. Means lumberyard is dangerous.

  18. Fighting scavs near bunker / crates camp can be dangerous. Lots of boxes / bushes / cover for them. Be mindful of engaging.

  19. Scavs like to path into yards and in houses in village.

20.If it’s late, check zb 14 someone may have unlocked it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kp7ty6/woods_orientation_tips/

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