Workshop Wednesday thread 08/25/21 August, 2021

Weekly post for Gun Builds / TheoryCrafting and Endgame ideas.

Show us that new 8 lazer saiga-9 you've been playing with!

Ask questions about your gun builds, or how to work with your budget piece.

Share with us your ideas of what needs to be added to the game.


Daily schedule

**Monday** – Money Monday = Loot Pics / Stash Flexes and Crazy Raids loots pics

**Tuesday** – NewbDay Tuesday = New players questions and Stories from when you or a friend was new

**Wednesday** – Workshop Wednesday = Gun Builds / TheoryCrafting and Endgame ideas

**Thursday** – Lost Connections and To the Guys Thursdays = Lost connections and to the guy posts and or stories about that missing in game soulmate

**Friday** – Fuckboi Friday = Funny stories and hilarious clips / Hilarious clips are allowed to be Memey but no Meme images are allowed.

**Saturday** – Sherpa Saturday = A combined day with the Sherpa Hub to get new players help and get some groups happening

**Sunday** – Scenery Sunday = Cool screenshots, Cool pics and General Scenery. Also, cool Tactical Screenshots of squads and or game moments

Dailys will rotate at 00:00 UTC


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