Would horror elements be a nice addition to the game you think?

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I loved the swamp biome for its eerie atmosphere, and also the addition of the mysterious one-eyed man who sometimes watches you from afar, with no explanation for who or why. (It's Odin I'm sure)

It got me thinking if it be a nice addition to add some horror elements to the gameplay. Since you're all alone in a huge, unexplored world, it would be pretty easy (and fun!) to turn up the creepy feeling, like during the nights or something. I think it would also fit with the theme of Valheim being a world full of evil that is hostile to you and give you the feeling that there's a lot more evil beings than just the ones you've fought, some just barely show themselves to you but still keep a careful track of you.

I'm thinking that it could be enemy designs that are meant to be genuinely frightening (think Slenderman-like, teleporting after you, killing you if you hold eye-contact more than a second), but maybe also just mysterious, rarely seen things, such as the one eyed man but instead looking obviously evil – something unknown and very evil looking, standing in the distance just staring at you. Or just some scary sounds in the forest at night. Or some scary twig figures that appeared mysteriously in the forest where you (like in The Blair-Witch Project).

What do you think?

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