You can make some pretty low recoil suppressed 5.45/7.62 AK builds now

You're now able to build a 50 vertical recoil AKM and a 40 vertical recoil AK-74N. These guns are suppressed too and these suppressors lower the recoil in a better way than the RRD-JMAC does, although you'll have to pay a lot more roubles of course.

The AKM uses the AK Kiba Arms .308 Muzzle adapter to allow for 7.62×51 attachments, in this case the new Knights Armament muzzle brake kit + PRS/QDC suppressor. And the AK-74N uses the new Hexagon Reactor muzzle brake + Wafflemaker suppressor.

(btw I have used the RVG grip instead of an RK-2 or Shift because I feel it's the best middle ground between ergo and recoil. Shift has slightly more ergo but worse recoil and an RK-2 has practically no ergo at all. Also the Zhukov-S has been used as it's the best recoil+ergo stock. You could technically use a mesa adapter and a PRS GEN 3 stock and an RK-2 for 36 recoil on the AK-74N for example but ergo would take a massive hit from 64 to 33)

An old meta loud AKM would be at 61 recoil vs 50 now.
An old meta loud AK-74N would be at 47 recoil vs 40 now.

I haven't actually used these guns in-game yet because I was just playing around in the weapon presets, so I don't know if this is better than pre-wipe considering the recoil changes.


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