You die a lot ? Don’t blame it on anything. Don’t blame it on your own skills. You are not a bad player – it is just tarkov.

I just wanted to drop this real quick because I talked to a lot people already that either felt demotivated to play because of “them being bad” or because of cheaters, op guns or whatever.
Please understand that you do completely fine. We all die a lot. No one in this community beside a very very few top players are consistently winning.
Of course you might be less skilled than others but that’s not the main reason. This game has a lot RNG and is meant to be hard.
It’s not a 1v1 balanced out game like Starcraft or other competetive games.
I have a 50% survival raid and usually get 2-3 PMC kills running myself high value gear AND GUESS WHAT:

I died 18x in 3.5h today! LOL
Scav headshotting me, unlucky pvp – I even died to a pistol runner first hipfire shot!

Yes there are sometimes cheaters but they are mostly playing on labs.
Yes there are sometimes server issues but let me tell you something – it’s happening in tons of other popular beta games as well! The only difference is that dying in this game hurts way more than any other game.

This game takes and gives. If you have a bad day and it’s messing with your mood take a break, do something else and come back later or another day.
I always do that and it helps me out a LOT! ( like right now after again 18 DEATHS IN 3.5h )

And you know what ? I’m already hyped to jump back in and either get awesome raids back to back with nice loot or lose again my mind dying every raid.

Because this is the reason why we play the game at the end of the day right ?

I think this subreddit would have way better vibes if we accept the downsides of the game and not write post / answers / complains here immediately after a death.

May the scav buckshot not hit your jaw and may the lucky item spawn RNG be on your side


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