zeroing your scope/sight has nothing to do with bullet drop and nothing to do with the new ballistics in tarkov

Under a recent lvndmark video I posted a comment about him missing a shot because of incorrect zeroing. an awful lot of people commented that zeroing with fast rounds like SNB or M993 and/or with the updated ballistics is not necessary anymore, leaving me with the impression that alot of players think you zero because of bullet drop.

that is NOT the case.

since most of the optics are ABOVE the barrel you would always shoot too high if optic and barrel were parallel. to counter that, the optic sits on a slight downwards angle towards the barrel. if you now extend the imaginary lines of optic and barrel, the intersection of both lines is at your zeroed distance.

if you shoot someone 150m away with SNB and a scope zeroed at 50m, your shot will actually go HIGH, not too low because of bullet drop or anything. zeroing changes the angle of your optic towards the barrel.


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