08/03/20 Patch Notes –

"In near time we plan to start installation of the update The game will be stopped. Installation of the update will take approximately 2 hours."

The list of changes:


  • A bug when scavs could attack through vehicles

  • A bug when skill levelling by continuously repeated actions, fatigue was not multiplying as intended

  • A bug with damage caused by grenade explosions through walls and ceilings

  • Displaying the price “999 999 999” when the product ran out of stock at the flea market

  • A bug with the sprint and overweight would level “strength” skill slower than it should

  • A bug when AI couldn’t hit leaning player

  • A bug when all AI in the area would rush and storm player’s position

  • A bug when AI would stop reloading his gun using ammo in his inventory

  • Error “Can't enable ArmsAnimatorCommon. ArmsUpdateMode:Manual “

  • Error “NullReferenceException EFT.UI.DragAndDrop.TradingItemView.SetPrepareBorder”

  • Various issues in Sanitar boss and his guards behaviour

  • Other various errors and issues

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i2vxqg/080320_patch_notes_01278445/

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