400K Community Awards. Suggest and vote for your favorites!


Results are in. For those of you who didnt vote:

669 votes to use community awards.

523 votes saying they wouldn't use them.

707 votes for mod only awards.

As the votes are close enough, we have decided to go for a mix of community and mod only awards. We will make 8 – 500 coin awards, see how the community get on with them and then if necessary add more expensive ones down the line. We will also make 2 mod only awards.

This is where you get to have your say. Post in here your idea for the 8 community awards. The mods will be choosing the mod only awards. Highest upvoted suggestions will go into a poll and be decided by everyone.

Be aware: CONTEST MODE IS ON. That means you wont be able to tell scores on suggestions until after we finish this event.

We have a placeholder community award that is active, but again, just a placeholder as an example of what the award could look like.

A few rules that we feel shouldn't have to be said, but ultimately do:

The award must be tarkov related.

No NSFW/ profanity.

No racism / sexism or images associated with hate groups.

Any submissions that can be interpreted as political in nature will not be allowed.

Streamers already have in game items, and adding one streamer item icon will bring issues over favoritism. For now no content creator related icons please.

Please keep comments on topic, this thread will stay up as long as we can allow it to get as many interesting suggestions as we can.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/isolt9/400k_community_awards_suggest_and_vote_for_your/

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