500k Milestone Celebration – Key Giveaway!!

The mods of r/EscapefromTarkov are excited to celebrate reaching 500k Subs!! It feels like yesterday when we started this Sub, I Myself was just a lurker with an obsession just like many of you. But we have now grown much more than we ever expected to and what a wild ride so far, it has been a pleasure to see some great ideas and some awesome interaction from the community come directly through the platform the sub provides. We are always working on making it better and trying to make it more welcoming, but none of this would have been possible without you folks. We cannot thank you all enough.

Just like you guys, we love this game. In my 25+ years of gaming, I have never found a game that has hooked me this hard and quickly. But the ride is far from over! we have more maps coming, more guns, and more fun, this journey will last for years to come for most of us as it's a game that won't let you go easy.

As the sub has reached this huge milestone, We have reached out to BSG and Nikita and they have been awesome enough to help us out and give us some game keys to giveaway for our celebration!

We have 3 EOD Accounts, 10 Standard Accounts, and 75 trial keys to giveaway!

The rules are simple. Your Reddit account has to be older than 1 month to enter to win an EOD or standard account, but the trials are open to anyone and all you have to do is comment here! the post is in contest mode to make things fair and easy for all! We will run the Contest for 14 days ( give or take a few hours ) so get in early!

We hope to see some new players score some keys to this awesome game to help us grow this community.

A Huge Thank you To Nikita and the Team at BSG for everything they do!

To help celebrate this momentous occasion the mods have put together a small list of Content Creators we would like to give a nod for their contributions to the Community, with the goal of showing some new players some good entry points to our world. This game has grown massively thanks to these content creators, This is not a biased list of us playing favorites, it's just us showing some recognition to those we see mentioned here most often.

The Many Faces of EFT

So Stay cheeki out there and in here, and Good luck!!!!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kzm8sg/500k_milestone_celebration_key_giveaway/

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