500k Subscriber Giveaway Update

Hello, all.

Today will be a second drawing for the remaining keys. The winners of the first draw had 72 hours to claim their keys or let me know if they had no use for the prize they won (Standard Edition player won a trial key, for example). That time has passed.

Still up for grabs out of the original batch of 3x Edge of Darkness keys, 10x Standard Edition keys, and 75x 7-Day trials:

  • 43 7-Day Trial Keys

  • 4 Standard Edition Keys

  • 1 Edge of Darkness Edition Key

The winners of the first round (that claimed their prize) are:

Edge of Darkness



Congratulations to the winners!

If you didn't win the first time, keep your eyes peeled for a message from me this time around. Same rules will apply. This will continue until all keys are claimed.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/lcv5s7/500k_subscriber_giveaway_update/

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