a big theory i found out about the robots and loba teaser

so i just discovored something with this loba teaser when you get the ring and teleport it sends you to a diffrent map to kings canyon next to the labs you can see that when you check the buildings next to lab https://i.redd.it/telgcjxk41u41.png when you look at the picture in the link in one part it says locked doors. my theory is that there are these robots you can see them in the voidwalker trailer where wraith has to chose if she goes right or left my theory is that these robots are there and there may be the big tunnel system. when you go in the portal when you look at the mini map it is kings canyon and next to the rock which may be that locked place? and my second theory is if you look at the rocks in the minimap it looks like near swamps? myby the place crypto ran through


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gbmnj7/a_big_theory_i_found_out_about_the_robots_and/

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