A few more crossplay infos

In an exclusive mein-mmo.de interview, game director Chad Grenier and Lead Designer Jason McCord were asked about the functionality of the coming crossplay feature in fall.

– cross progression(!) is not planned at the moment. They talked about it but the discussion about this specific topic is closed currently

– no additional features if you switch from origin to steam expect for your (different) friendlists

– pc players and console players will not play on the same servers unless you invite an PC player to your party (and vise versa). They do that to so console players wont play against people with m/k on PC. If your purposely invite a PC player you will though

– PS4 and Xbox players will be thrown on the same servers (pool) because both systems are played with controllers. Both systems will share the same matchmaking pool in the future to improve search times, which is especially useful for ranked games in the higher departments

– no plans for a Stadia version or at least it is nor their curremt priotity. They do wanna bring it to as many people as possible though

They also talk about the current progress of S5, how well it was received, Loba and how she plays out (in their eyes she is fine and they haven't seen a big influence in comp by her, so right now nothing special will happen with her in terms of balance).

Source: https://mein-mmo.de/apex-legends-beschutzt-ps4-spieler/

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hfw3vp/a_few_more_crossplay_infos/

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