A note to the developers

I know many of you guys are angry at the developers for all the bugs and stuff in the game atm but I want you guys to take a minute and think about the developers at Respawn.

I write code myself and knows what it takes physically and mentally out of a human and these developers not just at EA but at other developing studios have to work almost 15-16 hours a day for more than 5 days a week to get the games done within deadlines.

The overtime they put into games is absolutely horrendous and over 80% of the devs are not even paid for their overtime.But even through all this they get the games done and delivered.

They have no job security…they raise their voice against the studio they get fired…they suffer from PTSD and memory loss .

It's really tough being a game developer and I hope this subreddit will show the developers the respect they deserve.

P.S.: I found a great video about the developing side of gaming and it's funny too.
Link https://youtu.be/pLAi_cmly6Q

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e8alzr/a_note_to_the_developers/

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