About that Type-10 credit-making method…

So I figured that I'd give a few useful tips for the Type-10 method for those of you trying to make it work. These were all figured out by me through lots of trial and error, and I think they are a good supplement to Hawke's video describing the method.

This is not an in-depth guide on how to do the method. If you wish to learn it, then look up Hawkes Gaming's video on it.

Here's the build that I use, but please read the explanations and additional tips below to maximize your results -> https://s.orbis.zone/duvk

So, your Type-10 will likely get destroyed during longer sessions unless you engineer the shields. At least that is what I have experienced. I opted for a Biweave shield tank build, and if you want to go this route then you'll ideally want the following:

8C Biweave shields with thermal resistance and fast charge.

3x 0A Shield boosters with resistance augmented and thermo block.

1x 0A Shield booster with resistance augmented and force block.

1x 0A Shield booster with resistance augmented and super capacitors.

I also added Guardian Shield reinforcement packages in every available optional slot. The point of this build is that your shields will never go down, so you don't need to worry about hull reinforcements.

Additionally, I use 3 point defense turrets. You'll want 3. Trust me. Placement is either all 3 on the bottom or 2 on the bottom with 1 on the top. Either way works.

Finally, during your sessions, you'll want some amount of pitch/yaw going. This is because the type-10 has blind spots and if you get unlucky then a pirate will sit in that blind spot and endlessly chip away at your shields until you're destroyed.

For shorter sessions, I toggle FA off and give my ship a slight upwards pitch with a starboard yaw.

For longer sessions, bind two of your arrow keys (or any keys on the bottom of your keyboard) to pitch up and yaw right. Then place something heavy such as your phone across the two keys to keep them depressed.

The reason I like keeping FA on for longer sessions is that occasionally an enemy ship or your SLF rams you, giving you a slight trajectory out of the RES or towards asteroids. With FA off you'll never be able to correct this automatically and it will mess up your session or destroy your ship.

Those are my tips for the Type-10 method. Good luck and happy credit-making commanders!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mk2l6e/about_that_type10_creditmaking_method/

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