Aftermarket Collection Courtesy

Hopefully this doesn't break any rules or anything. Just wanted to remind some of us that the game is, in fact, free to play. This means many of us (myself included) have either paid nothing or very little relative to how much we have played the game. I put this out there because I had to remind myself earlier. I bought the battlepass back in season 4 and have used the apex tokens earned in that to pay for season 5 and the tokens in that to pay for season 6. I have played FAR more than 10 dollars worth. I'm sure I have well over 100 hours in Apex, so we are talking less than a dime for an hour of play. Many are in the same situation, and while the game (for me atleast) is currently unplayable, we have no right to feel slighted in any way. Many of us have gotten well over our money's worth out of the game, so I'm urging those in that same situation to remember that and have grace toward the devs. I understand that some are not in that camp and have poured a substantial amount of money into Apex. The rest of us appreciate you keeping Apex afloat by doing so (we couldn't have the game without funds). This post is not directed at you guys. You very much have a right to your anger. This is for those of us that love the game but do not really have money on the line here. Like I said, I'm just posting what I had to remind myself of a few minutes ago.

TL;DR: Let's remember it is free to play and be nice to the devs 🙂


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