Against The Odds – Soundtrack Album

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As you may know, the documentary AGAINST THE ODDS tells the story of OG up to TI8 in 2018. It's a powerful tale about friendship and team work, and it now has more than 4 million views on YouTube, which blows my mind.

I feel so fortunate that director GrizzlyMug asked me to help tell this amazing story through music. We explored together, laughed and cried together, stayed up through the night together, and I cherish every moment of that experience.

Special thanks to him and everyone else who was part of the process, especially: Jim Sayer, James Davidson, Thomas Radkovic, Daniel Strobl, Rebecca Hathaway, John Dorsey, Andrew Stephan, Aaron Saffa, Benji Stinson, Alex Myrvold, Lauren Saffa, Joseph Mancuso, Anthony Echegoyen, Sebastian Becher, Michael Breneis, Marc-Phillip Ruzicka, Gosia Spolnik, Sabine Matzeder, Paula Ujainen, Daniela Gassert, Martin Brem, Anne Cecere, Victor Kaply, and Shie Rozow.

The soundtrack album is out today, from Notefornote Music, and was made possible by Bryon Davis and Peter Hackman.

If you're interested, check it out, and thank you SO much for listening!


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