All aboard the WINTER EXPRESS! Event live now! No update required. Details inside.

All aboard the Winter Express! I'm your announcer, Mirage's soothing pre-recorded voice. The train's all decked out, and one lucky squad gets to ride it. But you're gonna have to fight for it like the last pork chop at Witt family dinners.

Claim the train by being the only squad on board – or the only squad alive, I'm not picky. The first squad to do that three times wins the whole kit and caboozle.

Each Legend is fully geared and gets a new load out every day. That's my gift to you! And it's cool you didn't get me anything. Really.

Looks like you get the Pathfinder Heirloom set for free when you "complete" the Holo-Day Bash collection. Which means buying 24 Apex packs one for 700 coins or 10 for 7,000.

Lots of new skins, quips, banner poses, and charms.

Looks like event will last 3 weeks and 4 days.


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