An update from the wiki team regarding bad ads

Heya again fellow escapers!


As a follow up to my previous post, i wanted to let everyone know that we are still fighting these guys and ban their ads. They are very persistent and come back with new ads every other day so it's a bit of a cat-and-mouse game basically. The best way to fight them off for long time is that everyone that gets these ads reports them. To make this as easy as possible I'm gonna explain what you can do to help.


If you encounter a bad ad please do the following:

1.Make a screenshot of the ad

2.Save the url to the wiki page you are on

3.Save the url that the ad links to (Right click -> copy link/target)

4.Find the ad tag in the page code


How to find the ad tag:
Right click the ad -> Inspect element


Now you want to look for a <div> tag that is called "gpt-ad" or similar. For me its mostly above the initial code you see after inspecting the element. Important from there are all things with "ID" in them. See this picture to get what we are looking for. Save that block of code as well.


Now please open a ticket here. As category put "I have an issue with an ad" and fill out the form, including the info you collected before and don't forget to include what city, state/province and country you live in (do not send an exact address).


I thank everyone that takes the time to do this effort in advance ♥


Muha – Wiki team lead


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