Apex does NOT play like Titanfall

I bring this up mostly because I still see people on this sub dismissing the idea of having a TDM-like mode, with the reasoning being "jUsT pLaY TiTaNfAll 2". It's also something that just comes up in a variety of different threads.

Um, hello?? Have these people actually played both of these games?

Movement: similar, but very different. Wall running by itself completely changes the role of movement in TF compared to Apex. Movement in Titanfall revolves around wall running and how to maintain it specifically. Apex on the other hand is about using a variety of advanced mechanics to outplay your opponents.

TTK: Everyone should understand this by now. The difference in ttk between these games is enormous and it leads to a lot more drawn out fights in Apex. This is the reason why I think movement in Apex, while not as extreme, demands more nuance than in Titanfall…. but that's a whole other discussion.

Healing system: this is HUGE but probably overlooked. Apex having manual healing completely differentiates the way engagements play out compared to TF, even if we take limited resource management out of the equation. It demands careful positioning despite the long ttk, and puts more emphasis on hit-and-run tactics. The autoheal in TF makes it play much more arcade-y in comparison

This is all without even acknowledging the titan system in TF or the loot system in Apex or even the legend abilities. And let's face it, if Apex comes out with TDM it's probably going to have loot as well as legend abilities

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/is9e0w/apex_does_not_play_like_titanfall/

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