‘Apex Legends’ adds crafting in its season six

Season six of Apex Legends will come soon. Besides the update categories you expect — a new legend, weapon, cosmetics, battle pass and ranked season – a new feature can big change the way you strike the ball. Adding crafting to the battle royale is the important part.

Although the studio hasn’t given more details about how works, it said, you will be able to make better gear using the materials you collected. There is already a small element in the Apex Legend in the form of weapon accessories (or jump up), but it looks like there will be a greater focus on making the future.


The mechanic seems the same with the latest playable character Rampart. The new season calls her “Expert module named in the underground fighting club“, but you need to wait a while to know about Rampart’s abilities.

There is also a new gun for you in season six called the Volt. You may expect more details about these updates before it lives on August 16th.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/i5ai5t/apex_legends_adds_crafting_in_its_season_six/

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