Apex upcoming event/update patch notes and my honest opinion about it.

So unless you've been living under a rock, the new event is coming out today with one of the biggest balance updates in apex history. I decided to make an overview/list about everything that was in the patch notes and give my honest opinion about it.

  • Starting off with the town takeover with crypto as the host this season, I think it's going to be great (especially in ranked). It's a high risk, high reward POI where (if you didn't get killed) you will be able to press a button inside the building and scan the entire map to know: where ALL enemy players are and where the next zone will be. there will of course be a lot of lore inside the building too :-).
  • Armed and Dangerous evolved: it'll basically be the same as the old version of armed and dangerous but this time you will spawn with a mozambique and an evo shield, all other armor has been removed from the mode too.
  • Mobile respawn beacons: this new addition to the game will be absolutely insane, during the armed and dangerous LTM, everyone will also spawn with a mobile respawn beacon in their inventory. The best part about it is that it doesn't take up an inventory slot! It'll have it's own place in your inventory and HUD. After the event has ended it'll be introduced into core game modes too. You can call in the respawn beacon anywhere on the map (as long as it's outside) and you will be able to respawn them right there, right then.
  • Your favorite bamboozler is getting his new heirloom! It basically is a trophy of himself and i'm not going to spoil anything further.

Now for the part that everyone has been waiting for, legend updates:

  • Lifeline is getting a bit of a rework, she will now be able to send D.O.C out to revive someone while she can revive someone else manually or defend the person that's being revived etc. This will be a huge improvement for lifeline as a team legend and not just a selfish legend. The cooldown of her D.O.C drone has been reduced to 45 seconds (from 60), and now for the sad part: her faster self heal is removed (she no longer has faster heal then other legends). personally i think removing faster self heal was not the move for respawn to make, she already doesn't have a defensive/escape ability and fast heal made up for that, we'll see how it turns out to be but for now i don't think this was a great idea. Also her care package has been improved, it'll come with 3x more small healing items and 2x more attachments.
  • Octane has been reworked so that you can double jump whilst you're in the air after using the jump pad, this will improve octane as a team legend and we might see him in ranked more. He will now also run 10% faster then the old increased running speed from his stim, and if stim is activated he will also be able to run trough caustic gas and be able to run normally while stunned. Which i think is all great.
  • Revenant can now basically cancel anything and everything you're team does/wants to do, and the range on his death totem has been removed (you can now run as far as you want and still be returned to the death totem if you 'die') which i think is a bit OP and they might have to revert this or change it after the changes come out.
  • Crypto didn't get any exciting change's, his drone now takes 1.5 seconds to deploy instead of 2.5, and his EMP will now destroy Wattson's trophy systems.
  • Loba's tactical doesn't get affected by Wattsons' trophy anymore, and her ultimate has been fixed to give you one stack of ammo instead of filling up the stack you had and give you another stack. And she will also gain 20% ult charge instead of 17.5%
  • If you hold mirage's tactical button you will now immediately control it whilst it is coming out, his decoys will now say lines if they are shot. You will be able to see mirage better while he is cloak reviving if you are in a range of 5 meters. And if you are skydiving you will create a giant decoy of your entire squad (if you are all attached to the jumpmaster).
  • Gibby's fast heal (inside of his shield/dome) is decreased to 15 % (from 25%).
  • You can now cancel caustic's barrels by shooting the bottom before it is inflated (so you won't have 'shoot first battles' anymore)

Wattson has been reworked:

  • She can now have 3 pylons active total, and they last for 90 seconds.
  • She can stack 2 ultimate accelerants instead of 1.

These changes are actually really good for Wattson because crypto can destroy your pylons now and they only last for 90 seconds so if you are playing ranked then you should definitely take those ultimate accelerants with you.

Wraith has been reworked (her tactical mostly):

  • Activation time is now 1.25 seconds instead of 0.4 she will also be slowed during this time by 20%.
  • She will get a 30% speed increase whilst in the void.
  • She can now see other players in the void too which is nice.
  • Phase walk time is now 4 seconds instead of 3.
  • The cooldown has been reduced to 25 seconds instead of 35.

These changes might seem as a nerf to wraith but they definitely aren't, the intention of these changes was to make wraith's tactical a scouting tool instead of a 'get out of jail' ability. I think this is very interesting to see how it will be put to use in pro play.

  • The havoc has had a recoil nerf (really big).

But the most annoying thing they added was the zipline nerf, apex is a game based around movement, but now they are nerfing their own core mechanics of the game. This is not what is the right move IMO. You can now no longer zipline jump (there will be a cooldown once you release the zipline and want to re-grab it again).

The sentinel has also been buffed:

  • rechamber time is now 1,6 instead of 1.75
  • And energized (charge mode) time has been increased to 120 seconds (from 90 seconds).

So that were the patch notes (the most important stuff) and my honest opinion about it, let me know if you agree or disagree or maybe even form your own opinion! I am really excited to drop into the new POI and all the new stuff that is still on our way.

If you want to read the patch notes for yourself here's the link: https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/lost-treasures-patch-notes?isLocalized=true

And if you want to watch a video about the patch notes there will be a link here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eexU4vjjthc

And if you want to watch the devstream about the event there will be a link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoYiutu3cYM

See you in the comments!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/heag49/apex_upcoming_eventupdate_patch_notes_and_my/

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